Event Description


This race will start at the Mt. Timpanogos Dog Park in Provo Canyon and follow a loop through the surrounding mountain trails. Competitors will run with their dogs on leashes 6 ft. or shorter for the entirety of the race.


the bloodhound

13.1 mile loop

If Duke has a pacemaker, keep him off this course. Round and round the mountains fly on this dirt trail until you cry. Okay. It’s not that hard, but you’ll be wishing Duke was Max from The Grinch by the end, and Duke will twitch in his sleep for months, dreaming of next year’s Bloodhound.



start TIME

8:00 AM

aid stations

3.2, 6.4, and 9.6 and finish


canine 9k

9k loop

If you run tough and quick, studies show you have a snouted companion who is the same. They also show that this is your race. Will it be hard? Yes. Will you be drinking from the same water-bowl as Snout by the last K? Yes, but use our water first. Glory for man, woman, and beast is just a bend in the trail away.


start time

8:20 AM

aid stations

3.2 and finish


the short-leash


This is no ordinary 5k. It’s a trail race through the mountains, designed to allow you and your pup to tap into the primal, and instinctual desire every beast has to be the Alpha. Follow the carefully placed neon flags to victory through ups, downs, twists, turns, and foliage. 



start time

8:45 AM

aid stations

1.5 and finish


the corndog

1 mile fun run

Let your hair down and Milo’s cheeks flop as you jaunt around the dog park with your best friend. If you’re worried he won’t make it, we’ve seen even Basset Hounds finish the mile (picture a Weiner Dog dipped in cornbread). If you’re worried you might not make it… consult your doctor.


start time

9:00 AM

aid stations

Finish line


The courses will remain completely on the dirt trails on the west side of Provo Canyon. Neon trail markers, will line the different distance paths. Aid stations will provide water, gatorade and salty/carby/sugary snacks.

Participants will park and gather at Mt. Timpanogos Park, fence their dog within the dog-park enclosure or tie them up around Timpanogos Park.